Gas shut off as slope failure continues in Nutana

– Slope failures in the Nutana neighbourhood continue to pose significant challenges not only for residents, but for .

Gas lines in the 300-block of East have been shut off due to the shifting slope in the area.

SaskEnergy said the dirt and gravel threatens the and if the slope continues to shift, this is just the for residents problems.

“The tow, or the edge of the slope, began approaching two natural gas services. In one instance, the actual dirt or gravel was pushing up against the foundation of a home and was coming very close to our above ground metre,” said Dave Burdeniuk with SaskEnergy.

“In the 300 block, the gas is off because we’re just awaiting the homeowner to get a in and make the connection,” he explained.

Last year, SaskEnergy began adding excess flow valves as a . If the slope pulls the lines away from the gas main, the valves will shut.

SaskEnergy said it takes care of its portion of the line, but for residents to get their portion hooked back up, the total cost could range from $200 to $2000.

“If something does happen where there is a lot more movement, we’ll get in there right away,” said Burdeniuk.

Residents living on the 200 block of Saskatchewan Crescent East are being asked to move their gas lines above ground, and closer to the .

SaskEnergy continues to work closely with the city to monitor , and keep residents in the area up-to-date.

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