Saskatoon protestors march for Egyptian human rights

SASKATOON – Over 50 people in Saskatoon marched from Grosvener Park to on Saturday in of in .

Several of the had who were killed in between supporters of Egypt’s ousted president Morsi and security forces backed by armed .

The from weekend clashes in Cairo has risen to around 72 and hundreds more have been wounded.

Saskatoon’s are calling on the Harper government to take a stand against the violence.

“Ever since this coup, there have been over 500 people, 500 protesters, that have been shot in the head, neck, or chest, because they went out and said ‘I want to be free’. I am against this coup because it took my vote and threw it in the trash,” said protestor Anan Ahmed.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon has called on security forces to “act with full respect for human rights” and for demonstrators to “exercise restraint.”

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