Now boarding for Folklorama

’s 44th took off on Sunday.

The two week long festival features 46 pavilions this year. say it has been a while since they have had this many.

“We average between 40 to 45 in any given year of communities wanting to put on a pavilion so 46 is a special number,” said Debra Zoerb, the of Folklorama.

It takes around 20,000 to make the festival function.

At the African pavilion, there is no professional catering. The food is all carefully cooked fresh everyday by volunteers.

“It’s a lot of work but I love the ,” said Kankam, who is oversees the kitchen. “Every time we have an opportunity to the good part of it I am all for it.”

More than 3,000 perform at more than 1,500 shows throughout the two week festival.

Folklorama around 600,000 meals are served and 1,000,000 poured each year.

Week one runs until Saturday August 10th and features 23 pavilions. A different set of 23 pavilions take the stage Sunday August 11th.

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