NDP urges province to fix bed bug infested seniors home

SASKATOON – The says the government needs to fix a infestation at a home in .

Heritage Towers has a bed bug infestation and residents say the government is ignoring the problem, according to the NDP.

Wiese, 84, is a resident of the towers and had to leave her home due to the infestation.

She says is being done to the problem, including only treating the rooms of seniors who complained and excluding common areas.

Wiese is currently back at Heritage Towers, but has cancelled her home care and is afraid to have visitors out of of the .

“I’m just lucky that I have family members nearby who can help me, some people have no place to go,” said Wiese.

Cam Broten wants the government to consider this problem a priority.

“To hear that this government is half-heartedly or even selectively dealing with this problem is a serious concern. This is yet another example of the kind of neglect that is becoming rampant in seniors care,” said Broten.

In July, Broten said the government must release an overdue report on the conditions in seniors and move on to concrete action to address the serious problems.

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