Long weekend campers turned away

For , there’s nothing better than hitching up the RV, or packing the for a long weekend at the campground.

But what if you can’t get in?

A number of in the province were affected by flooding and many of them unable to re-open this season. The demand for sites in that are open has lines of vehicles for a last minute spot.

“There are people who arrive and think that there should be a spot for them,” said , Operator of Bridgeview in Lethbridge. “But we’re probably turning about 10 to 15 people away every weekend.”

That’s not the case for all campers. Some, who were turned away last year, say they’ve learnt their lesson and now more and more booking are months in advance to ensure that long weekend plot.

Campers attribute the frantic rush to the flooding. feel they lost camping time in June and are now trying to make up for it.

“Since everybody’s come back camping it’s crazy,” said McArthur. “It’s been full every night, we’ve had to put out full .”

Campers say their is to book in advance, and arrive before the long .

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