Improving your photos for Kijiji

Most of the pictures of items folks want to sell on Kijiji are in need of improvement.

If you want to squeeze every dollar out of your posted item for sale, a few simple tips on setting up a quick studio on the kitchen table can make your item look a lot more attractive.

I use different , easy to drape over a chair or over the kitchen table.

The key is to have natural light coming in from a window or patio door from the side and a on the of the object you are photographing.

Round with and plain white on either side can be bought at and fold for .

Even a white card board or a large silver platter will do, to reflect light back into the shadow areas of your .

Make sure you centre the object evenly so it looks balanced and proportionally right.

Shadows stay soft and your precious crystal as these before and after , becomes…!

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