A successful week at the Queen City EX

REGINA- The 2013 Queen City EX kicked off , with event organizers saying it was the biggest parade to date.

Organizers moved the parade from a to a . It was risk, but it paid off. Now, organizers say maybe it’ll become a tradition.

With even more this year, grabbing lunch at the ex, became an attraction itself. But, what’s a fair without ? It’s evident what food choice was all fairgoers favourite.

“It’s everyone’s favourite food; it’s just the perfect comfort food,” said a fairgoer.

Even though the EX is all fun and games, organizers say the number of people who walk through the is equivalent to Regina’s population. With that many people in one place, the biggest concern is safety.

“We have a good plan we put in place every year and every year we continue to monitor it to make sure that we have the resources. We have a with the Queen City EX security and we work quite closely with them,” said Casey Ward, Regina Police Service.

And this year, their plan worked. Police said fairgoers were on their as crime rates inside the gates were down from and no were reported at all.

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