Spain arrests convicted pedophile temporarily pardoned by Morocco’s king

MADRID, – Spanish police on Monday arrested a convicted in of raping 11 children after ’s king rescinded his pardon of the man.

Vina was among 48 Spanish prisoners in Morocco who were pardoned and freed in late July. His release fueled rare protests in the North African country as officials investigated whether a bureaucratic mix-up had led to dozens of prisoners being incorrectly pardoned by the king.

A spokesman for Spain’s Interior Ministry said Galvan was arrested in the of Murcia and will be brought before the National Court in Madrid. He is being held on an international arrest warrant issued by Morocco through .

Another Spanish official said Galvan was on a list of 30 Spanish prisoners in Morocco that Madrid had asked to be sent home to serve out their sentences. Madrid also sent a separate list of 18 people it wanted pardoned, the official said. In late July, the king pardoned 48 , including Galvan, who made it back to Spain.

The actions raised the possibility that had misread the list of proposed transfers as proposed pardons.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because government regulations do not allow them to speak on the record.

News that Galvan was among the pardoned spurred unusual protests against in Morocco, with police clashing with late Friday. Over the weekend the king retracted the pardon and called for an investigation into what had happened.

The royal office, in a statement carried by the Moroccan agency on Monday, said an inquiry concluded Galvan’s release was due to failures in the prison administration and that its director, Hafid Benhachem, had been fired.

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