Longboarders ride across Canada for cancer awareness

They started on opposite ends of the country, and it’s been quite the so far as they make a trip across the country.

Brandon Harrison and his dad, Michael Floyd, left St. John’s, on May 14th on two with a goal to raise money for the Coast to Coast Against .

Having survived cancer, a brain aneurysm and a , Brandon wanted to get out and do something meaningful with his dad.

James Osmond, another longboarder, had set out just two weeks earlier from the opposite side of the county, , raising funds for the Canadian Cancer Society in of his grandfather.

The three met up over the long weekend for the first time in , each about half way through their .

“I’ve never been just so relaxed and at peace, having fun just, wind flying through your face. It’s just such an awesome experience on a board,” said Brandon Harrison who started Long for Life.

“It’s been really, really cool, a really great experience,” said James Osmond who started The Big Push to Prevent Prostate Cancer. “It’s nice to meet other people doing the same thing, hear some words of encouragement and get a of a taste of what I’m to look forward to and what I’m going into next.”

From here, Brandon and his dad will continue on to and are hoping to finish in September.

James will head to Newfoundland and hopes to get there before the snow falls.

For more information on Long for Life, check out the website here.

For more information on The Big Push 2013, check out the website here.

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