Group of separatists hope to create new Province of Vancouver Island

A group of separatists are pitching the idea that Vancouver Island becomes its own province.

When the Hudson’s Bay Company built the iconic building in in 1853, it wasn’t in British Columbia – it was in the Colony of Vancouver Island.

However, in 1866, Vancouver Island merged with British Columbia.

Now a group of separatists is hoping Vancouver Island will become its own province by 2021.

“Right now we are five times as large as PEI,” says Laurie of the Vancouver Island Province Movement.

“We are bigger than six in population. When you look at the size of the island, the resources, and infrastructure – we have what it takes to be our own province but we just haven’t taken steps to proclaim it yet.”

The island is well known for , mining and tourism.

“We already have our Legislature in , and we would encourage the Mainland to start looking for where they can relocate their ,” says Gourlay.

has the historic anomalies of smaller provinces, based on history, like PEI and ,” says Leonard , for Nanaimo.

“We don’t have that excuse or explanation here, and I suspect most people wouldn’t support the concept of a Province of Vancouver Island, as intriguing as it might be.”

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