Halifax man reviving hand-painted artwork

HALIFAX – An old craft is being revived — one sign at a time — by a Halifax painter.

Jake Siebert started painting windows a year and a half ago. Now he’s turned that passion into a business called .

Siebert hand-paints signs, sandwich boards and murals for local businesses, a job that takes a bit more time than having a computer do it.

The artist started out in 2011 by window painting. He also used to paint the switch boxes around Halifax.

While Siebert does have a full-time job, he is moonlighting with his window painting business and says he would love to turn it into a full .

The painter believes there is something special about the handmade look, something he says society has forgotten as are dropped for .

“Handmade is really coming back,” he said. “People are really starting to appreciate it. We have 30 years of everything being produced by computers.”

Siebert says that certain things, like flourishes on a design or even brush strokes in lettering, require that personal touch.

“If you look closely at all, there’s just these little and that’s what gives it the charm for something that was not just cut out from a computer,” he said.

Clients says that they like the unique handmade that Siebert brings to their advertisements.

“It’s personalized,” said Tanya Walsh, owner of the Best Little Hair House.

Walsh recently received a from Siebert for her business.

“It’s got my logo on it,” she said.

“Your sandwich board is a reflection of your shop behind your doors. We really wanted to reflect our colours and our ,” said Jennifer , owner of , who purchased a sandwich board from Siebert.

Right now the artist has three to four projects a month and plans to ride the wave as the handmade look continues to make a splash.

“The hand-painted look is starting to come back and I’m trying to be a part of that.”

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