Ontario could face class-action suit over alleged failure to protect Crown wards

– Two former of the Crown allege the deprived them of their right to seek compensation for the abuse they suffered as children.

Papassay and Toni , who launched a proposed $110-million class-action lawsuit earlier this year, say the province failed to protect the under its care.

Speaking to reporters today, both women said they were abused in the homes where they were placed. Grann said her abuser was eventually tried and convicted.

But their lawyer said the on a civil claim has expired and they have missed their chance to receive for what they went through.

The women say the province failed to inform them of their right to seek compensation through the Board or file claims on their behalf, and failed to preserve evidence that would support such claims.

The proposed class includes all wards of the Crown since 1966, the year the province accepted and of them.

The lawsuit has not yet been certified by the court.

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