Health Headlines, May 24 – 30

May 24 – Night eating syndrome
An American study suggests people who wake up in the middle of the night with insatiable hunger may have their genes to blame.

May 26- DNA researchers make autism break through
Canadian scientists say they’ve unraveled the genetic code to autism, piecing together what they believe is the formula that could identify the condition earlier on in childhood

May 27- St. Paul’s closes AIDS ward
St. Paul’s Hospital in downtown Vancouver announced today it was is closing its AIDS ward because of a low fatality rate.

May 28- Melanoma rates on the rise
New stats from the Canadian Cancer Society show a troubling increase in the rates of melanoma — the deadliest form of skin cancer.

May 29- Judge allows prescription heroin treatment to continue
Health advocates were in BC Supreme Court this week arguing five patients should be allowed access to prescription heroin to manage their addictions — despite recent changes to federal laws.

May 30- UBC’s new medical isotope machine 
A Vancouver-based lab for particle and nuclear physics is one step closer to getting a new machine capable of producing medical isotopes.

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