Vancouver’s Hidden Cash Twitter hunt spreading to the suburbs

– The man behind ’s is planning to give away more money today.

After stashing $100 bills in spots around Vancouver, he’s taking his pay-it-forward mission outside city limits.

The account first popped up on May 28 and now has more than 12,000 followers. Eight people have found the hidden cash so far.

The man behind the handle would not identify himself to Global News, only saying he is a “successful businessman” who was inspired by the person who started the craze in San Francisco.

“I am copying him really. I think it is a wonderful thing he came up with,” said the Vancouver benefactor. “It is a nice way to give back. The city [has been] very good to me. What a great opportunity and way for me to be able to do it.”

Clues are posted on Twitter about where the $100 bills will be hidden, and if you find it you are asked to tweet out your reward.

It is not known where exactly the hidden cash will start appearing today, but we will keep you posted.

You can follow the hunt at @HiddenCashYVR

WATCH: Hidden Cash phenomenon hits Vancouver:

- With files from Yuliya Talmalzan and Peter Meiszner

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