Taliah Aquilini reaches settlement with ex-husband on eve of divorce trial

Getting a into the inner workings of Francesco Aquilini’s, one of Canada’s , and high-profile won’t be possible since his estranged wife reached a settlement last night.

The divorce trial between Francesco and his estranged wife Taliah was scheduled to begin in Vancouver today in B.C. Supreme Court. The highly anticipated trial was expected to stretch on for as long as six weeks as the judge decided the of millions of dollars in .

The couple were married in 1994 and separated in 2011. They have four children together and Francesco has a fifth child from a previous marriage.  The children from the Aquilini’s marriage are currently in the custody of Taliah and live in the family home.

Taliah and Francesco each filed for divorce but because they were separated for more than a year, the dissolution of their marriage in court would be more of a .

A previous court decision shows there was no formal order for child or spousal support made by Taliah and instead Francesco deposits money into a joint bank account each month to cover living costs for his estranged wife and children.

The outstanding items the couple remained divided on was the custody of their children and the division of their assets; which include vacation properties, an expensive and Francesco’s in the .

Francesco is one of five partners — along with his parents and two brothers — in the Aquilini Investment Group, a holding company that controls a network of corporations and .

The estranged couple will be back in court on Wednesday to finalized the details of their settlement.

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