Oops! State Dept. released Hillary e-mails with classified info from three different agencies

I’ve never had a very high regard for the State Department, mostly due to its tendency – regardless of who is president – to treat every issue that comes up as merely an imperative to spew diplomatic platitudes and do little else. It never occurred to me that the State Department was bereft with complete incompetence at every turn, but upon further reflection it explains a lot.

And that certainly appears to be the case, as evidence by the clumsy joint effort of the John Kerry-led State Department and the Hillary for President campaign to cover up Hillary’s obvious use of her private e-mail server to illegally trade in classified material. The latest stumble sees State publicly releasing information that was and still is classified, and that State had no authority to de-classify and release because, according to Obama’s own rules via executive order, nothing can be de-classified by anyone except the agency that classified it in the first place.

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