The Truth About Finding Time for Fitness

I’ve heard this common “fitness obstacle” (otherwise known as an excuse) many times over.

If you want to move better, feel better and look better, I won’t lie and say you can cut corners. Doing one to two hours a week of physical activity isn’t going to cut it. However, the time commitment is 100 per cent possible if you make a solid plan and are honest about these three truths.

1 – Acknowledge that free time just won’t show up.
Have you ever told yourself, “If I can just get through the next day/week/month/year, things will calm down and I’ll be less busy?” Perhaps you only start a fitness program at the beginning of the month, Monday, or when the seasons change. Trust me on this — you’re never going to find time. If you want time, you have to make it, then take it.

2 – Just do it.
Plan a time that works best for your schedule and book a time in your calendar. There is no “best time” to train in terms of getting results. What will get you results is consistency in training. Set reminders on your phone, train with a friend and follow through.

3 – Defend your time.
Do you need someone to watch your kids? Do you need to account for commute time? Do you need to juggle schedules with someone else?

Anticipate obstacles before they happen. Plan out the best way to block off time for a solid training session. If you value your health, then you must make training a priority.

4. If you don’t follow through, make adjustments.
We all get knocked off track sometimes. That’s okay. If one aspect of your plan isn’t working, don’t abandon it, just make some tweaks and keep trying. For example, if dragging yourself out of bed at 5 a.m. to work out just isn’t happening, consider adjusting your schedule to fit it in over lunch or right after work. The main point is to keep trying until you find a solution — which is also just a great life rule in general.

Here are some good times to break a sweat:

Train early. We have a number of members who come in and train at 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. so they finish their training before work and before their day get swamped. This is one of our most popular times at the studio — because it works!
Train at lunch. Take your lunch hour to get away from the office and de-stress with a training session! With an efficient training session and a quick shower, you’ll be back at work and ready to attack your afternoon. Our members who train at lunch always say it increases their energy for their afternoon at work!
Train after work. We also have a lot of members who train after work before heading home for dinner. Pack your training gear, leave it in your car (just not during the winter season) and make it happen.

Ultimately, the best time to train is when you can follow through. Plan for four to five training sessions a week for the best results. If you have a smart training plan, positive support and commitment to your goal, you will be success.

-Coach Whitney


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