Spanish Cooking Party – Our Personal Chef in Costa Brava

A visit to , is all about . I don’t think there is a place on earth that is more passionate about gastronomy than the Catalunya region of the country. We have heard that there are more Michelin Star restaurants per capita here than anywhere else on earth. And we believe it. Catalans care a lot about , they live for and when you spend some time in the region, you’ll care about too. A perfect way to learn about and enjoy Spanish cuisine is to book a Spanish Cooking Party.

Spanish cooking party

Cheers from Costa Brava

One of the benefits of slow travel is to stay in an apartment where you can cook for yourself, shop at the market and experiment with recipes. To kick start your Spanish Villa stay, we suggest booking your own personal chef. Our friend Sherry Ott of Ottsworld set up a Spanish cooking party in charming village Cadaques on the Northernmost coast of Spain. She had her own Charming Villa on the water and we spent the afternoon with Chef Lee Pennington who made us some incredible Paella that we enjoyed with very fine wine from the region.

So sit back and enjoy a Friday coffee break and check out our Spanish Cooking party with our own personal chef in Costa Brava.

Spanish Cooking Party – A Personal Chef in Costa Brava

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Spanish Cooking Party

Enjoying Spanish Food with New Friends

An afternoon outside with friends in Costa Brava is the quintessential Spanish experience. It’s like a fairytale under the sun. If you make your way to Spain, rent a villa, hire a chef and invite new friends over for a day outside. This is living. If only we could slow down to enjoy the little things more in North America. What’s wrong with a six hour lunch?

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