Jailed Clerk Who Refused to Hand Out Marriage License to Gay Couples Set to Have Gay Marriage



, Bride-To-Be

ASHLAND,  (TheBadgerCA) – Kim Davis, the Rowan County who refused to issue marriage licenses to gay coupled due to her religious beliefs is set this evening to be locked in matrimony in a gay union. Davis, who was placed in the Carter County Thursday for contempt of court will be wed in a small and captive ceremony to one of her fellow inmates. Her fellow bride-to-be is LuAnn Carter, 34, who is currently incarcerated for aggravated assault and assault with a deadly weapon. Carter said she has been looking forward to uniting with Davis since she first heard of Davis’s actions.

Carter, who recently terminated her same-sex relationship with her partner Lisa Carmichael as a result of the domestic abuse that saw her arrested, said “When I heard about Davis and what she was doing to gays and lesbians, I felt that I really needed to get to know her well and “educate her” [airquotes] and hopefully turn her view around.

The ceremony, which as been described as more of an acquisition, will take place after today’s exercise time in the main yard. It appears no license will be required for the wedding and Davis’s religious beliefs will not be an issue.

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