Social Media Outraged as Nicole Arbor Described as “Comedian”



, The World’s Sexiest Self-Promoter and Courter of Made-Up Controversy

TORONTO, (TheBadgerCA) – Following the backlash from a controversial video, people around the globe became outraged upon discovering the video’s creator, Nicole Arbour was being called a “”. Arbour, the self-titled “World’s Sexiest ” is no stranger to blatant self-promotion, and stirred up her self-created controversy fury with the “Dear Fat People”. In an obvious attempt to garner attention, Arbour makes fun of people with weight issues, taunting them with statements regarding how chasing her would be difficult to do, how eating french fries is an unhealthy dining option and other stupendously unfunny and hack joke attempts.

Arbour took to Twitter on Sunday, stating that her account was shut down due to “censorship”, an accusation that has yet to be verified. It is believed that the account was taken down on purpose to add more fuel to her fabricated story of crisis. Said Arbour in the tweet, “We literally broke the internet… With comedy. #censorship”. The internet in fact remained intact over the duration of the weekend, indicating that Arbour may not know what the word “broke” is. As the story grew, people were outraged that Arbour was being described in all accounts as a “comedian”.

Dan Schell, Entertainment and Media Columnist for was maddened by Arbour’s “comedian” claim. Said Shell, “Comedians make comedy. That’s pretty much the definition. But what she’s doing in the video can’t really be called comedy. Admittedly, if you’re five and see someone making campy mugshots to the screen, sure. Then yes, technically it’s comedy. But put up against actual comedians like Sarah Silverman, Amy Schumer, Tina Fey, it doesn’t even come close. Taking it to fat people. That’s a brave choice…for 1987. I look forward to her next videos “Airplane Food Sucks” and “Hey, Asian Drivers! Off the Road!”.

Arbour continues to promote herself on Twitter drawing reference to the video. She is expected to do so well into the new year.

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