Parents Protesting New Sex-Ed Curriculum Also Against Teaching of Internet in Computer Class



TORONTO, (TheBadgerCA) – Parents of children at a local public protesting ’s new -ed curriculum which teaches topics like sexting, Internet pornography and . have added a new target for their ire. Not content with a curriculum that teaches how to handle ever-fast growing technology and sexuality, angry parents demanded that the Information Technology course also be updated to remove all reference to the Internet altogether.

Colin Furger blames the Internet for his son Hunter (above, from seven years ago) being .

Colin Furger, 42, a concerned parent and owner of a linen shop, believes it is the teaching of the Internet that has led to this entire sex-ed controversy. Said Fulger, “Why, all of a sudden, do we have to start talking about porn, consent and other things that are going to turn my son gay? It’s the Internet. Ever since they started teaching it, the kids start searching for stuff, then they find porn, then they find ‘’ whatever that is, and then they’re gay. I won’t have it in my class. When I took computers, there was no Twitter on the floppy disks. You wanted to send a ‘dick pick’ you did it with a Polaroid and slid it into her locker. Now, you can send one of those before you shower in the morning. No Internet, no problems. My son decided he was gay and since that day, we’ve removed the Internet from our house. We’ve been spending a lot of time and effort since then to get him back to straight. It’s a heck of a journey. Heck of a journey.”

Allison Grueger, a 36-year old stay-at-home mother of two, shared Furger’s concerns. “If you take the Internet away from all this, you greatly reduce the risk of kids finding out about horrible things like HIV, chlamydia and drag queens. These are hurtful, hurtful things. Go back to teaching tape drives and floppy disks.

“As a parent, I feel that I have the right to teach our children in their own time. Let the children be children and let them learn gradually. Let them use a Personal PC from IBM first, get used to it, and then, once they’re grown up, introduce the Internet then. Not unlike sexual , I want is the option to teach things like sexual consent, , and Goatse, as soon as I figure out exactly what all of those things are.”

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