9/11 The plight of the refugees. Where have you been?

Fourteen years ago, Sept 11, 2001, the last of the Jews in Syria was flown to freedom. More than 3000 Jewish people trapped under the brutal dictator, Assad, were removed from Syria by the actions of one Canadian woman from Toronto, Judy Feld Carr. The entire operation which took decades was kept quiet because the Jews had to be taken out surreptitiously and many had to be “purchased” from the Syrian government. As Mrs. Carr noted: “We were buying Jews, one by one, from a hostile government. It was the best-kept secret in the Jewish world.”

Last week we saw a photo that tore at our collective hearts. A little boy, face down on the beach: one of millions of people trying to find a safe haven from the butchery in Syria. Millions of Syrians are on the move. And we are all filled with righteous anger. But where were all of you three years ago when we knew what was going on in Syria? That Assad was gassing his own people. And the President of the United States, Barack Obama, declared that if Assad continued to gas his people there would be military intervention. Assad crossed the line. And then nothing happened. The leader of the free world retreated and the onslaught against these helpless people raged.

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