“Canadians Should Not Fear CSIS” says Harper to Canadians Bundled Into the Trunks of Cars



“You do not need to fear ”, says Harper (above) to fellow Canadian (below)

VICTORIAVILLE, QUE (TheBadgerCA) – While campaigning in Quebec today, Prime Minister had some comforting words for Canadians today. On the back of his pledge to fund $10 million to research and the creation of radicalization both domestically and abroad, Harper comforted Canadians concerned about CSIS having their authority expanded without any consequence or examination of the agency. “Canadians should not fear CSIS” said the Prime Minister to a group of Canadians being bundled into the trunks of federal agents’ cars.

“This Conservative government will remain in the international coalition fighting ISIS”, Harper continued patting the trunk of the cars as CSIS agents peeled away from the Conservative Party gathering. “We will not stand by as a nation and not take up our part without exhausting every means necessary”, said Harper to the sound of protesters’ thumps from inside agency vehicles. Those placed violently into the car trunks by CSIS agents were protesting Harper’s passing of Bill , which assisted in the home arrest of many who had taken to Twitter and Facebook to state their dislike of Harper.

Harper continues his Quebec tour by judging a poutine contest this evening. CSIS agents anticipate several ahead of the outing thanks to information taken from recorded cellphone conversations in the area.

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