CN Tower Edgewalk – Taking on The World’s Highest Sky Walk

Are you nervous? “No, it’s just a walk around the block.” That was the reply my dad gave me when I asked him if he was nervous as we prepared to go on the world’s highest sky walk. The CN Tower Edgewalk, may be the highest hands-free circular skywalk in the world, but it’s more than just a walk; It’s Toronto’s most extreme attraction!

Edgewalk CN Tower

CN Tower EdgeWalk

We met at the base of the world’s third highest tower for our safety briefing. My mom was a nervous wreck thinking about all of us going outside up in the air, but she was able to watch us get ready from behind the glass wall. And once we were outside, there are cameras that broadcast the skywalk to videos in the CN Tower Observation deck.

Dad Dave and Deb EdgeWalk

The 3 Muskateers taking on the EdgeWalk

After signing our waivers and watching the video of the previous group, we left mom and started to suit up for our adventure ahead.

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CN Tower EdgeWalk Waivers

Dad signing his life away

We all changed into our red jumpsuits and took off anythings that could possibly fall off our bodies.

edgewalk CN Tower

Dad and Dave in their EdgeWalk Jump Suits

There’s no jewelry (even wedding rings need to be taped) no hairpins or combs and no cameras allowed. Your guide wears a camera on his helmet and shoots photos and videos of the adventure so you are free to enjoy each and every moment of your time over Toronto.

Dad Dave and Deb EdgeWalk Outside

Hands Free

After checking to make sure we hadn’t been drinking, doing a final check of our harnesses and signing our lives away on the waiver form, we were on the elevator climbing to the 116 floor of the 147 story structure.

Deb at the EdgeWalk

Feeling confident after a few tests of the nerves

I felt nervous of how I’d react standing on the edge of the steel platform looking down on the city below. I’d seen photographs of people leaning over the edge and I wasn’t sure if I’d like it or not. Dad on the other hand, was cool as a cucumber.

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Dad CN Tower EdgeWalk

Dad is cool as a cucumber on the EdgeWalk

Dave had broken his pinky toe that morning (I’m not joking!) and was worried about doing the walk, but he sucked up the pain and was thrilled that he didn’t drop out. It’s an adventure of a lifetime that you don’t want to miss!

Dave at the EdgeWalk

Dave is happy he came!

Check out the Video of our CN Tower EdgeWalk

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We all walked out single file and our guide made Dave the anchor man at the back of the pack. Walking out was no problem at all, and we all hoot and hollered once we were standing in a line looking over Lake . Everything was fine as we got used to settling into our harnesses and feeling the wind in our faces. But I’m not going to lie, when we had to do our first nerve test, I felt a bit shaky.

CN Tower view of Rogers Centre

The View of the Rogers Centre Below

All we had to do was walk to the edge and put our toes over the side, but my knees felt a bit weak as I shuffled closer to the side of the CN Tower. I had to chuckle when I think back to how slow everyone in our group of 5 walked to the ledge. You could see everyone’s minds saying “this isn’t normal”

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But the adventure around the 360 degree walk builds slowly and you are tested to try different maneuvers. The toes over the edge eventually moves to a lean over the edge and a pop up onto your tip toes. Soon you are leaning backwards and waving your hands in the air and feeling completely confident at you dangle 356 m / 1,168 ft in the air.

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EdgeWalk CN Tower group

Our Group is feeling pretty comfortable!

The 30 minutes outside is well worth the $195 fee. The time outside is the perfect amount to view the city below and it’s enough time to settle your nerves so that you can really enjoy yourself high up in the sky. I wasn’t wishing for more or less time. As Goldie Locks would say, “it was just right.

EdgeWalk CN Tower dad and deb

Dad and Deb celebrating accomplishing the EdgeWalk

As we all stepped out of the elevator, we felt like heroes as the crowd below said to us, “Did you do that?” Yep, we’re a bunch of brave souls facing our fears dangling over the edge of the world’s highest skywalk. The fun didn’t stop there either. With your EdgeWalk pass you also given access to the Lookout, Glass Floor, SkyPod and other attractions.

Deb at the CN Tower

Enjoying the view from inside after our EdgeWalk

Book yourself a meal at the revolving restaurant, and you could spend the entire day at what was once the tallest structure in the entire world while having an adventure that you can brag to your friends about for years to come.

Congratulations to my dad, Jim Corbeil for surviving his first adventure with ThePlanetD. He made it look so easy and is ready for more. He told us afterwards, he’s ready for skydiving!

edgewalk cn tower

Dad conquering the EdgeWalk

The EdgeWalk goes all year long (weather permitting) and should be booked at least a couple of days in advance. The cost is $195 CAD for the 90 minute experience. (30 minutes is spent outside) The cost also includes access to the Observation Deck, SkyPod, Glass Floor and attractions. For more information visit the CN Tower for Details.

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