Coasteering, It’s Not as Scary as you Think

Imagine jumping off cliffs into the freezing Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the UK while being slugged in the face with crashing waves. Then you get to scale slippery rocks to before walking along a narrow path all while wearing a double wetsuit to take in the view. Sound like fun? If you said yes, is for you!


Coasteering in

If not, don’t worry; it’s not as scary as it sounds. When we asked people on our Facebook Page if they’d like to try coasteering? Many of the answers were – No way! Are you crazy? This didn’t surprise us as many people think coasteering is just for adrenaline junkies. And it’s no wonder. When watching the videos on the Preseliventure website the night before our trip, I started to worry about what we had gotten ourselves into. Unfortunately for me, I happened to click on the video where extreme TV Hosts Orlando and Aline challenged each other to jump off the highest cliffs possible. Then when I did a Google search for coasteering, I watched video after video of people flying through the air from high sea cliffs into unforgiving waters.

We didn’t have to do that did we? Luckily the answer was no.

What is Coasteering?

Loving Coasteering in Wales

Coasteering was invented in Wales and we decided that if we were ever going to give it a try, it would be here. Wales is fast becoming the capital of Europe. People here love to try quirky and zany things and coasteering is definitely at the top of that list. We were told that it was invented by cold water surfers who were looking for an alternative to surfing when Wales coastal conditions weren’t ideal. They still wanted to be able to get in the water and play, but they also wanted the challenge that surfing offered. Coasteering fit the bill and it has grown in popularity over the years.

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Coasteering is all about getting in the water and having fun.

Preseliventures was one of the first (if not the first) outfitters to offer coasteering tours. Our guide Rob told us that Coasteering could be as extreme or as tame as you want it to be. Contrary to popular belief, it’s simply a traverse along shore and an excellent way to explore the coast. Once Rob put it that way, I relaxed. If I felt like jumping later, I could, if not, no worries.

Coasteering Wales

Rob was such a great guide and made us feel comfortable.

The jumping is the popular part for marketing, but it’s only one small aspect of Coasteering. Coasteering is actually more about exploring and traversing than simply jumping from big rocks. There are caves, wildlife, rocks and islands to explore. So to put it plainly, coasteering is for everyone. Not just adrenaline junkie thrill seekers. Although if you are one of those, you won’t be disappointed.

Preseliventure Coasteering

We met Rob and owner Sophie at the Preseliventure Eco-Resort to suit up for our afternoon in the waves. The lodge is the perfect getaway for nature lovers and they even offer pick up from the train station. You can leave London in the morning and be on the coast of Wales in mere hours! There are several rooms where couples, families and groups can book accommodation and meals and drinks are available at the lodge.

Coasteering: The Essential Gear

Coasteering: The Essential Gear

When coasteering, you need to have a good pair of rubber-soled trainers that you don’t mind getting wet (or they have a few on hand that you can borrow if you are in a pickle) and they supply wetsuits, helmets, pdfs, and booties.

Once we were suited up and thoroughly looking like the Pillsbury Doughboy, we hopped in the van for the 5-minute drive to the coast.

Coasteering is all about fashion!

Coasteering is all about fashion!

My heart was pounding as we walked along the shore to our jumping in point. I was trying to act confident, but Dave told me my face was white as a ghost. Coasteering was something I have avoided for much of my travel life. There is something about being swept out to sea that utterly terrifies me. But Rob had a calming way about him that made me feel confident and ready for the challenge.

coasteering in Wales

I think Dave’s face says it all…The water was cold!

He and Dave got in the water first and I could tell by their reactions, it was cold. I followed Rob’s advice and bit the bullet and just jumped right in. It took my breath away and I could feel my chest squeezing shut as the cold water flowed into my wetsuit. It took a few minutes, but once the water warms against your skin, it’s all-good. And soon my breathing was back to normal.

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Hurricane Joaquin
Coasteering at the end of a Hurricane

Coasteering at the end of a Hurricane!

Leave it to us to go Coasteering during the tail end of a hurricane.

As we swam to the first set of cliffs, Rob said the ocean was quite rough as Wales was experiencing the remnants of Hurricane Joaquin. Great, just what I needed rough seas. But as we learned, it really doesn’t matter what the weather is like, Coasteering can easily be modified to suit the day. Lucky for us, we wouldn’t be able to go out to the high cliffs that Orlando and Aline jumped off of because the water was too rough to swim through to get there. Aw, too bad so sad. I shed my single tear and happily went on with our day knowing that I wouldn’t have to face the choice of jumping from high sea cliffs. It all turned out in the end!

Coasteering in Wales
Coasteering in Wales
Coasteering in Wales
Coasteering in Wales

So, we spent our time playing in some waves feeling what it was like to be in a washing machine. Dave was far braver than me and loved every minute of it. He’s a Pisces and was made for the water, so with each crash, wave, jump or churn, he was gung ho with full force.

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After playing around on the shore for a while, Rob suggested we cross the channel to check out the views from the nearby island. Sea lions played in the water and watched intently as we crossed. At times I almost felt that they wanted to join us.

Incredible Views of Wales
Coasteering has its rewards

Coasteering has its rewards…Like this view!

When we got to the other side, we climbed up more cliffs and then enjoyed a leisurely walk to the top. Wales is known for its majestic coastline and this was the most beautiful view we had seen during our time there. The swim was definitely worth it as we looked out over the sea and saw an endless line of imposing sea cliffs.

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coasteering wales

We fell in love with the view!

I think we spent a little too long up there, but Dave and I couldn’t stop taking photographs and video. (Full Video to come soon on YouTube) It was magnificent. And I appreciated it when our guide said, “This is what coasteering is all about. The fun in the water is one thing, but exploring the coast is the payoff.” It was truly a great payoff to a great day.

It was truly a great day Coasteering.

It was truly a great day Coasteering.

The weather couldn’t have been better. It was early autumn, but the sun was shining, the air was warm, and our view was endless. Who could ask for more?

We made our way back across the channel and our sea lion friend was still out there keeping an eye on us. The van was waiting for us when we got back and after changing into our warm and dry clothes Sophie asked us how it was. I was amazed to reply, I loved it and I’d do it again!

Will I go Coasteering Again?
Will I go Coasteering Again?

Will I go Coasteering Again?

Now that I’ve done coasteering once, I know that it’s no the big scary thing that I made it out to be in my head. I do believe that when given the chance, I may even jump off one of the high rocks into the churning sea. But that’s easy to say when I’m sitting here warm and dry at my computer. You’ll just have to follow along to see if I follow through.

Preseliventure is located in Pembrokeshire and they offer everything from sea kayaking adventures to surfing. You can drive to the eco-lodge or take the train and they will pick you up. There are multiday adventures or single day activities and an afternoon of coasteering with guide is a very affordable €45.

So what are you waiting for? Want to try a brag worthy adventure? Coasteering is for you!

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