Verdun mayor admits he made up story about skateboarder ending up in hospital to teach councillor lesson

Saying he wanted to teach a city councillor “a lesson,” the mayor of , Quebec has admitted he made up a story about a 14-year-old boy ending up in hospital after getting injured at an under-construction skateboard park.

In an interview, Jean-François Parenteau said he was upset with Verdun councillor , who was shown skateboarding in the park in a Montreal Gazette video on Saturday. Downey also posted photos of youths skateboarding in the $700,000 park, which is scheduled to open in the coming days.

“It was not my best idea ever, but my intention was to ensure the safety of our kids,” Parenteau said Tuesday, adding that he has since apologized to the councillors.

On Sunday, Parenteau sent a message to councillors in the Montreal borough advising them that a boy was in the Montreal Children’s Hospital in serious condition after falling head first while skateboarding in the park.

UPDATE / MISE A JOUR:I have just been re-advised by the Mayor that it wasn't true and NO ACCIDENT HAPPENED at the…

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