A Winter Wonderland in Banff Lake Louise

is in full swing in Alberta and we can’t wait to make our way back to cowboy country to experience the beauty of in Banff Lake Louise. The countdown begins! In just 1 month we’ll be sharing all the magnificent adventures to be had in the Rocky Mountains.

Banff Lake Louise: Winter Wonderland
banff lake louise

Beautiful Lake Louise

Our trip to Banff Lake Louise is a year in the making and we are so excited to finally make it happen. It was this time last year that we were in the final planning stages for our winter return to Banff/Lake Louise, but then Dave took a tumble in The Amazon and fractured two vertebrae in his back. We had to postpone our trip, and we are grateful for Banff and Lake Louise for their patience.

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Banff National Park is going to be the perfect ending to 2015
Ice Walk Banff National Park

Beautiful Banff National Park

I can’t wait to see Dave’s photographs of the night skies over the Rocky Mountains. There is something magical about astrophotography in the winter and I know Dave is going to capture something special.


The last time Dave photographed the night skies was in Ontario, Winter

I’m looking forward to cross-country skiing to the backcountry lodges of Skoki, Shadow Lake, or Sundance Lodge. It’s going to be a blast capturing our lack of cross-country skiing skills on video (but then again you are all used to that). This epic take us 12 -14 km into the heart of Banff National Park all by the power of cross-country skiing. It is here that we will truly be able to show you the grandeur of the landscape.

Dave cross country skiing

The last time we went cross country skiing was in Alberta!

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Banff Lake Louise, For all Travel Lovers

This trip has been meticulously planned to suit not only the adventure lover, but also the lover in you!

in Banff Lake Louise
Dave and Deb on Lake Louise

A romantic skate on Lake Louise

Winter travel is becoming more popular each year. Technology is making cold weather trekking more comfortable, people are seeking more adventurous activities, and lodges and resorts are popping up in remote locations. Alberta is simply a winter wonderland.

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Banff and Lake Louise Adventures

Lake Louise Sleigh Ride

Something you may not know is that Banff National Park is the only National Park with an urban infrastructure. With more than 100 restaurants, and bars, hotels, and shopping, you can be in the backcountry one minute and then dining in a five-star restaurant while enjoying local wine and spirits before turning into your luxurious hotel room for the night.

Deer Lodge Banff

Luxury Hotels like Romantic Deer Lodge

Speaking of spirits, we’re going to visit Park Distillery. It’s Banff’s first distillery. Their motto is from Glacier to Glass. Can you imagine how pure the water is that goes into that vodka! We’ll be sure to have a shot or two to let you know.

Dave and Deb winter alberta

Nothing is more romantic than a winter vacation

Dave and I haven’t had a romantic getaway in quite sometime. After he took four months to recover, we had to get back on the road to fulfill some work commitments. Banff is going to give us the romance we’ve been seeking. There is nothing better than snuggling up by the fire while the snow falls outside.

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snowshoeing Alberta

Snowshoeing while taking in the Rocky Mountains

Mixing up our romantic getaway with adventure is the perfect vacation for Dave and I. We have always loved pushing ourselves to the limits and then talking about the day over a candlelit dinner. Imagine the stories we’ll have after trying Heli-snowshoeing for the first time! It’s going to be magnificent and we’re going to share the entire story in real time as we go on Facebook, Snapchat (@theplanetd), Twitter and Instagram. After the trip, you’ll see it all on video and right here on the .

So, stay tuned and follow along. A winter adventure in Alberta is like nowhere else. For more information on travel to the Rockies, visit BanffLakeLouise.com 

Have you dreamed of traveling to the Rocky Mountains in Alberta?

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