Telling Your Story Can Change The World

A few years ago I decided to embark on a backpacking trip across Europe for two months.

Towards the end of my travels, I found myself at the Sisteen Chapel in Rome, Italy. As I was standing there, enchanted by this insanely crazy masterpiece, I felt a soft whisper perk the tiny hairs on the back of my neck.

It was actually a woman whispering to her husband behind me, words that would eventually change my world: “Honey, I can die peacefully now. Now that I’ve experienced this, I’m good!”

My jaw dropped to the ground before me.

The whole way back to Toronto, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I’d contribute to society. What would MY masterpiece be?

From that moment on, chasing my potential became part of my story.

This epiphany made me realize for the first time that each of us has a very unique story to tell.

Watch on to see why the world needs you to tell your story.

See, I’ve had the vision of giving a TED talk for years. One day as I was on LinkedIn I discovered I had a connection who was a TEDx co-chair, Trishala Pillai. I seized the opportunity and messaged her, which in retrospect was quite a funny interaction:

“Subject: Can I tell you a joke?”
Body: I don’t have one right now, but if you agree to have a coffee with me next week I will make you laugh.”

We never got around to getting that coffee, but almost a year and a half later she gave me the great news.

This goes to show two things. One, when we visualize our goals we find opportunities to make them a reality by the law of attraction. Secondly, we can all find a platform to share our story and change the world.

What that platform looks like is different for everyone at different times. Sometimes that platform is simply inspiring a friend on a phone call, it could be a job interview or it might even be with a mic in front of 300 people and dozens of cameras listening closely to the unique perspective you bring to the world.

The unique combination of circumstances, talents and beliefs that make up your story makes you one in 7.5 billion, and sharing that story adds to the richness of the world. While our bodies will all perish one day, our stories have the potential to last and inspire generations to come.

The theme for this TEDx conference was collaboration. All the talks you see at are done with such poise and grace that you would never believe the average TED talk takes over 500 hours to prepare.

I now understand why TED speakers are considered some of the most powerful speakers in the world. Organizing teams, such as the phenomenal TEDxUW team, are so nurturing to their speakers; they truly give them an opportunity to hone in on their stories and leave the rest at the door.

After being the humble recipient of a one-minute standing ovation at the end of my talk, I realized everyone has a story to share and each one deserves its own applause.

Now you know my story — tell me yours in the comments below, on Twitter or via email.

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