Context Is Everything

Unless you’ve has been living in an alternative universe, you’re well aware of the avalanche of criticism directed at Donald Trump from all quarters, liberal and conservative, including the latest hypocritical screed by Mitt Romney. Yet despite that criticism, virtually everyone engaged in it ignores the essential reality that attends every election: context is everything. In other words, whatever one feels about Donald Trump, or any other candidate for that matter, the ultimate question and the answer to it cannot be postponed indefinitely, as in Donald Trump—running against whom?

Like many conservatives who live amongst those who believe they own the franchise on enlightened thinking, I have often been asked how in the world I could have voted for a (fill in the progressive blank) like George W. Bush for president. Remarkably, the answer to that question is one that seems to have eluded most of these deep thinkers. “You mean how could I have voted for George W. Bush—as opposed to a hypocritical scold like Al Gore, or a self-aggrandizing blowhard like John Kerry?” I invariably respond.

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