Security camera caught moment Tim Bosma’s body was incinerated at Millard’s hangar: prosecution

HAMILTON, Ont. — The grainy surveillance video shows a bright puff of light cutting through the night and briefly illuminating the side of an aviation hangar.

It looks unremarkable until the implication of what it may have inadvertently captured is considered: the incineration of the body of , a father and husband who was last seen only hours before, when he climbed into the pick-up truck he was selling with two strangers who asked for a test drive.

Facebook; Court exhibitsFacebook; Court exhibitsDellen Millard, top right and are on trial for the murder of Tim Bosma, left.

The jury in the first-degree murder trial of two men charged with Bosma’s slaying heard that suggestion by a forensic video analyst.

Sullen stares, tears and sniffles filled the packed courtroom. Justice Andrew Goodman ordered a brief recess.

Sharlene Bosma, the widow who has sat in the front row every day of the six weeks of evidence, left promptly, looking distraught; others filed out silently behind.

, 30, of Toronto, and Mark Smich, 28, of Oakville, have pleaded not guilty in the May 6, 2013, disappearance and death of Bosma, 32.

Earlier, the jury saw a series of video excerpts, footage culled from businesses along the route from Bosma’s rural home in Ancaster, near Hamilton, to Brantford, where his cellphone was found, and to the huge hangar at Waterloo airport owned by Millardair, the aviation company Millard inherited from his father.

Although many of the videos are obscured and dark, often showing only part of the action the jury was directed to look at, and often with time and date stamps that seemed to vary widely, prosecutors knitted together their version of what happened on the test drive.

Michael Plaxton, a forensic video analyst with Hamilton police, detailed what he believes

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