Media freaks because Florida Gov. Scott ducks stupid question about whether ‘Islam hates America’

This is why I hate the media. This is what makes them so terrible. And Joe Scarborough isn’t always the worst of the bunch, but this is the worst the media gets. Donald Trump makes a very general statement about Islam hating America. Rick Scott comes on Morning Joe. Rick Scott is not part of Donald Trump’s campaign. Rick Scott has said nothing about Islam hating America. Rick Scott does not speak for Donald Trump. He is supposedly a “friend of Donald Trump” according to Scarborough, but that doesn’t require Scott to take responsibility for anything Trump says.

Nevertheless, Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are determined to trap Scott with a question about something he has nothing to do with, and when he won’t take the bait, they get extremely irritated with him. Watch:

[email protected]: Would you tell Trump to walk back his comments on Islam? Here’s @FLGovScott‘s non-answer.
— Morning Joe (@Morning_Joe) March 10, 2016

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