Six Reasons why Moorea Should be Your Next Island Getaway

French Polynesia is renowned for its crystal clear waters, coral reefs and . Understandably many flock to the islands of and for their honeymoons or romantic escapes, although the lesser known island of is one you need to put on your radar.
Make Moorea Your Next Island Getaway

After just a 40 minute ferry ride from Papeete, Tahiti you’ll arrive on Moorea. This island has quite a dramatic landscape, from the rugged mountainous centre, through to the flat white sand beaches and lagoon that surrounds the island. Whether you’re looking for a short break or longer relaxing getaway, here are our top six things to do on Moorea.

moorea beach

Coral Beaches of Moorea

1. Discover the underwater world on a Lagoon Adventure

This adventure is a brilliant introduction to Moorea and definitely one to experience early on in your visit to the island. The tour runs at a relaxed pace, and includes the perfect mix of snorkelling, and authentic island meal and swimming with the local reef sharks and stingrays in the lagoon.

The water is right up there with some of the clearest in the world, allowing for pristine snorkelling conditions. There are so many different types of coral to discover, and the sea life is unreal. There are so many brightly coloured fish, friendly stingrays and curious reef sharks.


The local skippers that run these trips are wonderful people and with their humorous, laid back, island pace, they add a great dimension of authentic Tahitian culture to the experience.

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Aside from underwater encounters, another highlight is the inclusion of a traditional Tahitian lunch located on a small island nearby, where you’ll get to sample freshly prepared ‘Poisson Cru’ – a local treat made from tuna and finished off with a delicious combination of coconut and lime juice.

We've arrived in paradise! Just checked in to our Overwater Bungalow at #MooreaPearl Resort & Spa with @spm_hotels this place is absolute bliss!!

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