An Issue For Debate: Universal Suffrage

Most people recognize the expression “skin in the game” and accept that it means those persons who have something of value at risk have purchased a specific privilege or right deemed worthy of the gamble. Those without “skin in the game”, non-players in effect, are not entitled to the same privilege or right. If you have ever played poker with your buddies you know you are not entitled to be dealt a hand and perhaps rake in a pot or two without having met the requirement to “ante up”.

It is speculated the phrase “skin in the game” draws its origins from William Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice in which the antagonist, Shylock, stipulates that the protagonist, Antonio, must promise a pound of his own flesh as collateral, to be exacted by Shylock in the event that Antonio’s friend Bassanio defaults on the loan to which Antonio is guarantor. (Wikipedia)

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