Migrants only have until midnight to reach Europe. After that, anyone landing in Greece will be deported

Migrants have been given a 24-hour deadline to reach Europe as leaders announced that anyone landing in Greece after midnight tonight (Saturday) would be swiftly deported.

A deadly scramble for the last boats over the Aegean to the Greek islands began after a CAD$8.79 billion aid-for-deportations deal with Turkey was agreed at a summit of European Union leaders in Brussels.

Turkish police yesterday intercepted 3,000 migrants attempting to cross on land and sea in a major operation involving coast guard and helicopters, as Ankara at last showed a willingness to halt the human tide.

From tomorrow morning, any asylum seeker who lands on the islands including Kos, Lesbos and Chios will no longer be able to catch ferries to Athens, but will be swiftly interviewed by asylum officials or judges at new detention camps.

Greek and EU authorities will have to build a functioning asylum system within less than 48 hours. Thousands of extra staff —

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