Brussels attackers were part of plot against nuclear facilities

Since liberals would rather do just about anything rather than take the threat of terrorism seriously, they like to tell us among other things that very few people actually die from terror attacks, and that more people die from falling in the bathtub and whatever else – and of course, from guns, since they hate law-abiding Americans carrying guns much more than they care about foreign terrorists doing the same.

At any rate, their argument is irrelevant. It is not the federal government’s job to keep you from slipping in the bathtub. It is the federal government’s job to stop terrorist attacks, so the comparison is about as meaningless as a thing can be. That may be the reason that Obama has recently shifted to a new argument – that ISIS (or “ISIL” as he and only he insists on calling them) is not an “existential threat” to the United States, meaning they are not going to bring an end to our country by coming here and cutting off all our heads. That is no doubt true, although it’s an awfully sad rationalization for not taking seriously the threat they do pose.

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