Once again, BET (Black Entertainment Television) hosted their annual awards ceremony Sunday night, and, once again it turned political. During the show, various speakers, award winners and hosts used their platforms to encourage for and to castigate Donald Trump.

It might be useful to ask all of these entertainers what has done for the black community? She has supported policies that have led to a doubling of the federal debt, more U.S. involvement in foreign wars, and unleashed the significant threat of Islamic terrorism. None of these positions have done anything positive . In addition, her strong support of rights has contributed to the disturbing reality that are aborted at a much greater percentage than white . While comprise only 13% of the country’s population, black babies are the victims in approximately 36% of all abortions in this country. This is truly racist and should be stopped, but all Hillary wants is for to have access to even more abortion services.

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