Edmonton woman sues men accused of burning her with cigarettes and nearly cutting off her toes with axe

An woman is suing a group of alleged violent criminals who are of torturing her, burning and nearly severing two of her toes with an axe.

In a statement of claim filed July 15, alleges she went to a north-side investment property owned by her then-partner on July 17, 2014, to oversee renovations being done there.

According to the statement of claim, found the contractors tied up and was surrounded by the eight , who bound her hands and feet and took her to a laundry room in the basement.

Nguyen alleges the men sexually groped her, burned her with , hit her head and back with a baseball bat, hit with the blunt side of an axe and used the sharp side of the axe to almost sever two toes on her right foot.

She is seeking $200,000 from the defendants, including from David Nguyen, Sean Jennings and Gorjok who police say they have charged in connection to the home invasion. The other defendants are Daquin Lee and four unidentified males that include one youth.

Nguyen alleges the torture went on for several hours and the men forced her to provide personal identification numbers for her credit card and bank card.

She says they then took a number of items from the property and left the home using her rental vehicle after threatening to kill her family if she went to the police.

Nguyen alleges she a severe laceration to her right foot requiring surgery, a permanent disfiguring scar to the right foot, burns and lacerations on both arms, wrists and ankles and swelling, pain and stiffness throughout her entire body.

As well, she claims she suffered depression and anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and psychological and emotional upset.

Statements of claim contain unproven allegations.

Statements of defence have not yet been filed.

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