When Rogues Rule

Current mania goes deeper than allegations of bias and mistrust of armed authority. police supporters can at least have civil discourse with these ideologies. I contend reasonable liberal and voices have been lost amid a howling gallery swarming in from serious anarchist domestic terrorist criminal . These forgo tame reform like oversight or body cameras. They want police to bow down to mindless rage at traffic stops and frenzied disruption marches masquerading as peaceful protests. Abolition of police period is the ultimate stated objective.

Picture an America run by unhinged suburban socialists and inner city gangs with police and civilian self-defense made extinct? They want a monopoly on force and , Baltimore, Milwaukee, Dallas and Baton Rouge graphically show how they’ll use it. This is national captivity these rogues envision, not police demilitarization championed by US Senator Rand Paul and the NAACP after the riots.

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