Woman running for seat in Missouri Legislature accuses fellow Democratic candidate of raping her

ST. LOUIS — A woman for a seat in the Missouri has accused a of raping her.

Cora Faith told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that the attack happened the night of Aug. 26 or early the next when she went to meet Jr. at a St. Louis apartment to discuss how they might work together in the upcoming legislative session. Both are running unopposed.

Walker, a Ferguson lawyer, says she had two glasses of wine and remembers nothing after the second glass, and that she woke up in a bed there the next morning.

She says she told her husband what had happened the next day, but it was several weeks before they went to the police.

Walker asked the Post- to use her name in the story.

The Post-Dispatch reports that “two highly placed law enforcement sources” confirmed that there is an active investigation into Walker’s against . It didn’t name the sources.

Roberts has not been arrested or charged. His attorney, Scott Rosenblum, told The Associated Press on Saturday that the allegations are unfounded and “whatever happened” was consensual.

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