The Actual Job Description of the President

This usually gets lost in the mess that has become our traditional campaign season, but never has it gone more off the rails than this time, and by both campaigns.  We are about to elect a .  It should be the job of the media to properly exactly what the is allowed and required to do, and which candidate and policies most closely line up with the .  Our and colleges should educate people about the Constitution and how the fits into the overall , considering especially Federalism, Checks and Balances, and the Separation of Powers.  In this our schools and media have failed miserably and continue to do so on a daily basis.  There are of course, exceptions.  The proof is that you are able to read this here on Free Press.

I’ve copied the relevant parts of 2 from the Constitution below, which describe the parts of the job of President.  I’ve left out elective and other non job clauses.  2 is also where you find the specific and unique Oath of Office for the President.  Holding them to that Oath is the job of the media and the other branches of government.  That too has been lost.

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