Get ready – God will have mercy on America this election and make her God’s light on a h

How many commentators and Christian types in print and media do I know that say is done? We are lectured that we are evil Babylon and are getting what is to us – .  In fact, the words of many that roll out of their pious mouths is nothing but evil on America and her people.  They don’t really pray and stand in the gap for a struggling and suffering America, praying for mercy, God’s grace and protection.  They arrogantly pray for God’s and look for a way out. They are the false flame throwers who grieve the heart of God and throw only curses back on themselves as they sew unbelief and spread it far and wide.

We all know we are in a critical and loud with more debates, polls and the big vote coming.  Human nature tends to put its faith in the candidate’s performances, money, media push and polls.  Never mind God’s heart and His overall plans living outside of all the boxes we create and live in. 

As you check your heart, do your own research and vote this cycle, please add these few thoughts as well for you to say yes or no to.

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