…Forget the economy-stupid..it’s the damnable corruption!

While we’re yelling about the c-words and f-words and hate-words and every other untenable 1st Amendment-unprotected words issuing from the mouths of over-matured babies, let us not forget we have one thing—and one thing only to vote against in one month from now—and that is the corrupt entrenched swamp creators that make Washington DC their home town, coming from whatever slimy gross and disgusting rock they crawled out from under.

These career share all their values with Mick Jagger and the hard rock cafe culture, taking chicks where they find them – including the chick-, by the way – but they can’t get no satisfaction anyway, why? Because they are rebelling against our creator, who gave us our inalienable rights in the first place…including free will, giving elites their ability to try and subjugate.

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