Those who watch polls may be up for a stunning discovery. Here we have a mediocre Democrat candidate with no accomplishments (if you don’t count Benghazi fiasco and its cover-up as an accomplishment) or popularity (just compare the size of Trump and her to see who is really ), pushed up to the top by her former president husband using his influence and connections (remember his “conference” with U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch when his wife was under FBI investigation?), and presumed untruthful and corrupt (Clintons amassed a fortune of about $140 after he left the Oval Office, of which she alone made about $40 , without credible business or investment profit, just on “consulting” fees, royalties, and speeches honoraria that looked more like kickbacks than bona fide income) by so many, and yet, poll after poll, she is floating on the top of the wavy waters of likely voters’ measured preferences. What are the chances that without behind-the-scene manipulations this would have happened? Practically, zero.

At the first glance it may look like the polls are cooked. While some undoubtedly are, this persisting phenomenon cannot be fully explained just with biased sampling and the duping of the polled alone. There is something definitely more sinister going on here, and I am going to expose it. In my opinion, there is no reasonable doubt that the election process in today’s is controlled by that uses the state-of-the-art information technology, and gargantuan amounts of money, to maintain its grasp on political power and crush the popular anti- revolution which Donald Trump is the harbinger of.

Just take a look at the RCP Trump vs. Clinton poll average a recent snapshot of which is shown below:

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