Day 17: Setting Patriotism Free from its Bonds

, which is the very heart and soul of , is Number 1 on the globalists’ Hit List.

Patriotism, now stirring again in every corner of America , will elect a president striving against all odds to ‘Make America Great Again’.

Progressives and their running dog media are the dead for votes; patriots the living fame of unbridled patriotism.

Starting today and for the next 17 leading to November 8, you can return patriotism to the front of the battle lines with music that both stirs the patriot heart and sings proudly of America’s exceptionalism; music that resounds the message: “Let’s roll, America!”

Day 17—We Are

We Are Americans by from on Vimeo.

Day 18—America the Beautiful


Day 19—Battle Hymn of the Republic


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