31 Hauntingly Beautiful Photos Of Abandoned Buildings

Every year around I like to dig into my photography archives and see what creepy I can post to a themed blog to present to the Huffington Post’s readers.

In 2014 I showed you 13 Photos of Creepy Abandoned Places, in 2015 we much stuck with the same theme and I showed you 20 Photos of Creepy Old Abandoned Houses. So, since my trend is to provide a list format, how about this year for Halloween we look at 31 even more unbelievable photos from abandoned ?

I’ve gone pretty deep into my archives to see what I can find, I’ve featured photos from abandoned insane asylums, vacant hospitals, abandoned houses that seem as though the owners just up and left and many other derelict and creepy old buildings.

What I do is known to some as “urban exploring.” Urban is defined as the study of parts of civilization that are normally unseen or off-limits, such as abandoned structures, drains, rooftops or active facilities.

So, in a nutshell, I and many others out there have a genuine interest in and we really like to explore them and photograph them. Some of us like to put the photos out there for the general public to see, because it would seem there are are a great deal of who also find this fascinating.

Now, I will let you decide for yourself if there is beauty to be found in decay, you probably had no idea that people even do this, or that this is even a thing!

On to the photos:


An abandoned church in New York State


An abandoned church in that is now undergoing restoration


An abandoned cathedral in Detroit that was once visited by Mother Theresa


An abandoned house in Ontario that is almost fully in tact.


The morgue fridge in an abandoned hospital


An abandoned auto factory in Detroit


A bird skeleton in the former Buffalo State Asylum


The stained glass capped dome in a cafeteria of a former tuberculosis hospital


An index of “Psychiatric Symptoms” found in the basement of an old Ontario Psychiatric hospital

See the rest of the photos in the slideshow below:

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