Trudeau expected to name six new Ontario senators, including first female commissioner of the OPP

OTTAWA — There is a that Prime Minister is poised to six more , a former of the Ontario Provincial Police.

CTV News is reporting that Gwen Boniface is among a half dozen that Trudeau is to announce on Monday.

She was the first commissioner of the OPP.

CTV reports the other appointees include Kimberly Pate, executive director of the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies and an assistant professor at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law.

According to CTV, the list is rounded out by former Ontario cabinet secretary Tony Dean, former Scotiabank vice chairman Sabi Marwah, Howard Wetston, a former federal court judge and head of the Ontario Securities Commission and Lucie Moncion, president and CEO of a network of credit unions that serve Ontario francophone communities.

CTV did not cite any source for its report, but Trudeau was widely to follow up on nine appointments to the Senate that he made last week.

The appointees named this month were selected through an application process that involved more than 2,700 applicants who were screened by an advisory board that came up with a short list for each seat.

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