Huma Abedin off the campaign trail as pressure grows for Clinton to sack her top aide

Huma Abedin, the trusted aide at the centre of the email storm, spent the weekend holed up at her New York apartment, far from her troubled boss.

Speculation mounted that Clinton would be forced to sack Abedin or at least distance herself from her long- confidante in order to quell the storm surrounding the latest episode of the email .

While Clinton took to the stage in Florida, Abdedin – usually never far from the Democratic nominee’s side – was photographed staring glumly out of her Manhattan window.

Abedin told friends she had no idea how her ended up on a she had shared with her Anthony , the former congressman accused of sending sexually explicit text messages to a 15-year-old girl. She said the computer was primarily used by .

Clinton has described Abedin as a “surrogate daughter” and leaned on her more than any other adviser during the gruelling campaign, and in her time as of state.

Several Clinton campaign officials said they were “standing by” Abedin but last night pressure was said to be mounting, including from within the Democratic Party, for the nominee to distance herself from her aide.

The FBI is preparing to wade through 650,000 emails on a computer used by Abedin, meaning its investigation will not be completed before the U.S. on Nov 8.

An initial look at the laptop’s data reportedly showed there could be thousands of messages sent to or from the private server used by Clinton when she was secretary of state.

FBI agents obtained a warrant to look at the emails on Sunday.

It also emerged the FBI first learnt of Abedin’s emails nearly a month ago during an investigation into her estranged husband.

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