Judge denies Donald Trump campaign’s request to preserve Nevada ballots because of ‘Internet trolls’

A state judge in Nevada has denied a request from the Donald to preserve and materials related to what the alleges were irregularities during early .

District Court Judge Gloria said Tuesday that making the names of poll workers part of the court could expose them to “public attention, ridicule and harassment.”

“How can you tell me that? Do you watch ?” Sturman said. “There are Internet trolls who can get this information and harass people who just want to help their fellow citizens vote.”

She says the registrar is already required to keep the records, and the Nevada of State is responsible for investigating the complaint.

Trump campaign attorney Brian Hardy told the judge he wants to preserve records from the final day of early voting at four locations in the Las Vegas area.

The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit, saying Clark County polls were open for two hours after they were scheduled to close. The campaign says allowing people to vote past closing time was illegal, but the county says they were accommodating people already in line. 

Fuelled by the record number of Latino voters who showed up to vote in the area, 57,174 Clark County voters cast their ballots on Friday. 

The Trump campaign lodged a separate complaint with the secretary of state.

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