Marineland charged with cruelty to animals for allegedly mistreating peacocks, bears, and guinea hens

FALLS, Ont. — ’s animal welfare agency has laid five animal cruelty charges against .

The says the charges against the Niagara Falls, Ont., amusement park relate to peacocks, guinea hens and .

The OSPCA say the charges were laid after an investigation into a complaint received earlier this month.

Marineland faces one count of permitting a peacock to be in distress, one count of to with the of care for a peacock and two counts for to comply with the prescribed standards of care for guinea hens.

The facility also faces one count for failing to comply with the prescribed standards of care for about 35 American black bears, including failing to provide adequate and appropriate food and water for them.

The OSPCA says it didn’t remove any animals as part of its investigation, but will continue to monitor the animals as the investigation continues.

It also says further charges are expected.

“Reports of animal cruelty are taken very seriously,” said senior OSPCA inspector Steve Toy in a statement. “When we receive reports of cruelty that involve wildlife or exotic animals, we will utilize our as well as industry to assist us with our investigation.”

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