Kerfuffle at Meghan Markle’s lunch with royals when Queen’s cousin wears a Blackamoor pin

LONDON — Queen II’s cousin has apologized for wearing jewelry that some observers on media found offensive.

A spokesman for of Kent said late Friday that she is “very sorry and distressed” that a featuring the head of a black man caused offence.

Some social media observers suggested it was a racist slight to Meghan , Harry’s fiancee, whose mother is African-American. The princess has worn the brooch many times before.

The brooch in question.

The wife of Prince Michael, Queen Elizabeth II’s cousin, was photographed being driven to the monarch’s annual family lunch at London’s Buckingham Palace last Wednesday, Dec. 17, with a Blackamoor pinned to her coat. The style of artwork dates back to the 18th century, when black men and women were often depicted as slaves.

Markle was among the .

There was no indication the brooch offended either Markle or Harry.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle released engagement photos on Kensington Palace’s official Instagram account.

The accessory is said to have been a gift has worn on previous occasions, without causing any controversy, but a source tells the outlet she is now planning to retire the piece of jewellery for good.

It’s not the first time Princess Michael has been branded a racist. She is said to have insulted black guests at a party held in a New York restaurant back in 2004, when she reportedly claimed they should “go back to the colonies” after objecting to noise levels from the group.

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